Repair Resin 8 oz Bottle


This 8oz bottle of repair resin will do over 800 repairs!


Product Description

When you are considering different windshield repair resins suppliers, you want to make sure the retailer you’re purchasing from offers a wide variety of professional windshield repair kit supplies. Not only should you seek out a variety of supplies, but also a variety of quantities and price points.

Many windshield repair resins suppliers only offer their resin for windshield repair in small quantities because offering bulk quantities means the customers can pay a lesser price per unit. Because many retailers don’t prioritize customer satisfaction, they don’t care if they’re strong arming customers into paying high prices for the products they need – all they care about is getting the most out of you!

American Windshield Repair Systems is passionate about offering a range of products at a range of price points so customers with a lot of spending potential or a little spending potential can get what they need when they need it. Your windshield resin repair kit will always be fully stocked when you purchase supplies from American Windshield.

Every professional windshield repair kit needs a substantial amount of resin for windshield repair because the resin is used for every single repair job. Without a windshield resin repair kit, a windshield repair technician simply can’t fix windshields.

American Windshield offers resin for windshield repair in small quantities (as little as 15ml) and bulk quantities (as great as 1 liter) so customers can spend as much as they’re comfortable spending and still get the supplies they need to keep repairing windshields without a hiccup.

American Windshield Repair Systems will make sure your professional windshield repair kit is always fully stocked!


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