Frequently Asked Questions

All around you there are hundreds of windshields that need rock chip windshield repairs. By becoming part of the growing "billion" dollar windshield repair industry you can earn unlimited income at little or no cost to your customer! Insurance companies are pushing more then ever for repair over replacement, to save money and time. The face of the auto glass industry is changing and windshield repair is going to become bigger then ever. As customers are educated on the benefits of repairing vs. replacement the potential customer base will continue to grow exponentially and business opportunities will continue to rise!

Imagine making $70-100 dollars an hour while providing a valuable service to customers without having to collect any money from them! Believe it or not most often insurance companies pay for rock chip repairs regardless of a person's comprehensive deductible amount, even if it is as high as $500. Whether you choose to do cash or insurance work it is important to know insurance companies prefer repairing over replacement when ever possible.

Finding out how to start a windshield repair business is easy when you put your trust in American Windshield Repair Systems.

Another great aspect of the auto glass repair industry is your low overhead! You don't need an expensive lease payment for a store front if you don't want one, you can offer mobile service to your customers instead. This saves you money and it makes it very easy for your customers.

At American Windshield Repair Systems (TM) we fully understand just what you need to do quality windshield repairs. Our high quality repair systems are affordable, easy to use and designed to give you just what you need to do perfect rock chip repairs every time. We also offer a 30-day full money back satisfaction guarantee and we are experts at billing insurance companies and train our customers over the phone at no cost whatsoever!

The bridge assembly is the most important part of your repair system. At American Windshield Repair Systems, we pride ourselves on our American Repair Bridge design. This design is easy to use, compact and very effective on all types of long crack and chip repairs. This special design provides the perfect amount of vacuum during the repair process eliminating the need for pumps and hoses. Constructed of stainless steel, chemical resistant rubber, and aluminum parts this bridge system design is very durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee even against normal wear and tear!

Most people do not know how inexpensive and easy it is to get a business license. In many states you can even obtain one online or simply contact your local chamber of commerce and they can direct you to you nearest local registration office. Windshield Repair Business Opportunity.

While there are many repair supply companies that do offer training programs we have tried to keep it simple. We include in your American Deluxe Repair System (TM) a comprehensive video and technical manual which will explain in detail the repair process using our American Repair Bridge. We also include a business guide to explain how to handle paper work, bookkeeping, billing of insurance companies to get paid for the work you do.

No, it is quite simple to bill an insurance company once you know how to do it. Many people are intimidated by the thought of dealing with insurance companies and unfortunately pass up the opportunity to make their business really prosper. In our comprehensive business guide we walk you step by step through collecting what you deserve for the work you do.

In most states insurance companies encourage repair over costly windshield replacements. Auto glass damage is covered under the comprehensive portion of auto insurance and most insurance companies will pay for repairs even if your customers has a $500 deductible! If you have concerns about coverage for a customer, it is advisable to contact the policyholder's insurance agent to verify coverage and guarantee payment for work completed.

In most cases when a repair is performed properly it is going to be almost invisible. It is important to remember the purpose of windshield repair is to restore glass integrity and prevent further cracking. A rock chip, ding or small crack repair WILL NOT be cosmetically perfect and it is important to inform customers of this. Damaged areas can generally still be seen from the inside of the vehicle to varying degrees and customers should be advised of their option if the damaged area is in the line of vision.

Requests for returns or refunds should be addressed to our Customer Service Department at Only full units can be returned for credit refunds. Returns are accepted up to 30 days from time of purchase. Returns will be subject to a 10% restocking fee. Shipping charges do apply.