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Run your own windshield repair business and quickly begin creating revenue once you purchase a kit!

Why American Windshield
Repair Systems?

Unlike other windshield repair bridges, our repair bridge gives you the best possible mechanical advantage.

Here’s how:

For the best possible mechanical advantage, our bridges have only one rear set screw.

This allows the bridge to be mounted firmly on any windshield.

One screw provides maximum pressure when forcing resin into a damaged area on the glass.

We’re Experienced

All our staff are experienced in windshield repair and are standing by to assist you in every way.

Learn Quickly

Our system teaches you to do any type of windshield rock chip repair in a matter of hours!

Designed With You In Mind

Our repair systems are designed to be user friendly, inexpensive to maintain, and easy to use!

Free Tech Support

We offer FREE technical support to help you and your business every step of the way!

Never pay for what
you don't truly need!

Many kits and systems have too many parts and accessories - things that are not needed for quality windshield repair. We give you what you need so you don't have to spend a fortune. Our repair systems are designed to be user friendly and inexpensive to maintain, and are manufactured to be affordable. We designed our bridge assembly from the highest quality materials to last a lifetime!

Featured Product

Back by popular demand! FREE American Repair Resin 15ml and Pit filler 10ml and now receive a free seal set with the purchase of any American Repair Bridge. For the best possible mechanical advantage, ALL OUR BRIDGES HAVE ONE REAR SET SCREW. Made from stainless steel and aluminum, we guarantee our bridges for life even against normal wear and tear! (seals not included)

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