Windshield Repair Accessories

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Windshield Repair Accessories

Looking to purchase windshield repair accessories but don’t need an entire windshield repair kit? You can stock up on whatever you’re running low on right here!

We offer all types of windshield repair accessories in varying quantities so that you can replenish your supply without breaking the bank.

Many of the tools and materials in American Windshield Repair Systems windshield repair kits will last a lifetime, but you’ll need to buy more of some supplies after completing many windshield repairs.

If you need to restock on windshield repair accessories, you must be doing something right! Naturally, the more repairs you perform, the faster you’ll run low on supplies, so we recommend buying bulk. The last thing you want is to run out of windshield repair accessories and be forced to halt work while you wait for replacements to arrive!

American Windshield Repair Systems makes it easy to stock back up on the supplies you’re already familiar with from our professional windshield repair kits. Place your order today and ensure that your repair business stays on track for success!

    American Windshield Repair Super Burs 10 pack

    The American Super Bur is more durable and longer lasting than a standard dental or windshield repair drill bit.OVER 20 DRILL HOLES:  We have tested our Super Burs on a windshield and have drilled more than 20 holes with just one bur.We recommend you run this drill bit at the slowest speed possible for the best results. Your results may vary depending on your drill motor, speed, and the type of glass you may be working on.Our Super Burs last longer than the average windshield repair drill bit. We believe this is the best windshield repair glass drill bit on the market.

    • Pack of 10 Carbide Medical Grade Dental Burs
    • Unusually durable and long-lasting
    • Tapered Burs
    • Tip 0.38 inches or .94mm Highest Diameter (hole size you will create) is .045 inches or 1.16mm. The length of the drill bit is .75 inches or 19.5mm.
    • Note: Because these burs are sharper than the average windshield repair drill bit we recommend you start at a slower speed and at a 30-degree angle before moving to a vertical position.


    American Windshield Repair Bridge

    American Windshield Systems Windshield Repair BridgeThe American Windshield Repair Bridge is the best way to fix all types of windshield rock chips*We have been manufacturing our injectors and plates for over 16 years to perfection. *Also, with our one rear set screw design, it is so easy to mount our bridge on any windshield.*So now with our 1  rear set screw design you have direct opposing resistance when pushing resin into a rock chip.*Another feature is our pistons have 2 O-rings giving you maximum pressure and vacuum.*Because you do not have time to waste our bridge is small, compact, and easy to mount.*Simply press the lever down and it adheres firmly to the glass.*Fix all types of rock and stone chips including bull's eyes, star breaks, small cracks, and even up to 6 inches or more.And now at this low price, we are including 1 bottle of repair resin, 1 bottle of pit filler (sealer), and a seal set!


    Drill mini rotary for windshield repair

    Drill Motor by American Windshield Repair SystemsDrilling a hole in a windshield can be a bit intimidating. Having a smaller drill motor takes the fear away and helps you get the job done.You can drill holes in all types of rock chips, star breaks, and both small, and long cracks.Below are more of the benefits of our new windshield repair drill motor:1. Re-chargeable and long-lasting lithium power (USB cord is included. You provide the plug)2. Three speeds with an RMP range of 5000-150003. 1/16th inch collet pre-installed that fits nearly every dental bur used for windshield repair.4. So small you can keep it in your pocketYou can add this to the purchase of any complete kit by requesting it in the notes when you check out. Just mention that you wish to replace the 9.6-volt drill with the smaller lithium drill.   


    UV Lamp Pen Light Rechargeable

    American Windshield Repair Systems UV Pend Light*Resin and pit filler cure very fast so that you have time to get onto the next repair! (under 20 seconds for most resins)*Most resins and pit filler require a 365NM wavelength and that is what you have with our UV Pen light.*You can keep it in your pocket which makes it so convenient to use!*Rechargeable USB plug which allows for easy fast charging.*Hold the button down and now you can watch how fast the resin cures before your eyes!*Silver anodized sleek design makes you look like the pro that you are!


    Probe single point micro

    Remove resin bubbles before curing the pit! Also, our thin Crack Probing Tool is an option if you want a probe that is more forgiving, flexible, and helps you to regulate the amount of pressure you are placing on a small crack or star break leg. This tool is best used on star and combination star bull's eye chips and for removing bubbles before curing repair resin or pit filler. We are offering this item at a special price!


    Headlight Restoration Mini Kit

    This headlight restore kit has all you need except for a drill motor. Just provide your own basic drill motor and save! In this kit:1. Instruction sheet (5 simple fast steps!)2. Buffing compound 8oz3. UV Protection Spray 6oz4. Buffing pads (3) 5. Wet Sandpaper (1000 grit and 1500 grit 5 sheets of each)6. Micro Fiber Towels (3) 7. 1 Roll masking tape (not pictured) 8. Empty Spray bottle (not pictured) Headlight restoration is a very simple process and can add extra dollars to your business! We have designed a very simple 5 step process and it only takes around 10 or 20 minutes to do a pair of headlights! The process will remove any yellow film that often develops on headlights over time leaving a crystal clear finish.


    Seal Set buy 2 get one FREE!

    Seal Set buy 2 and get one FREE! Chemical resistant. Designed for the American Bridge. This offer is for 3 seal sets. Each seal set contains 20 O rings and 10 End Seals. IMPORTANT NOTE: END SEALS MAY BE BLACK OR WHITE DEPENDING ON STOCK. ALSO, OUR NEW BLACK END SEALS LAST LONGER THAN THE WHITE END SEALS. IF YOU MUST HAVE WHITE CONTACT US AND ORDER BY PHONE. THANK YOU


    Scribe Glass Etching Tool

    Basic scribe for clearing debris, glass, dirt, and more from a rock chip before repairing.


    Hood Protector

    Protect your customer's hood with our large, durable, closed-cell foam, hood cover. This hood cover will fit under most windshield repair kit toolboxes or cases and it is easy to fold and put away.Our hood cover is just the right size so that you also have room to place your much-needed tools of the trade.Size is 24" x 20" and 1/8" thickIt Comes folded to fit in a USPS Padded Flat Envelope.Caution: Use extra care when opening the package so as to not cut the foam pad!   


    Repair Resin Pit Filler and Seal Set

    By combining our American Repair Resin, Pit Filler and Seal set you save money!American Windshield Repair Resin is one of the best repair resins on the market today. This crystal clear resin is used to fill long cracks, star breaks, bulls eyes, combination breaks and small cracks. Each 1/2 ounce (15ml) bottle will do over 50 repairs!American Pit Filler Repair Resin is designed to be used as a finish filler for chip repairs. This quick curing resin works well for surface chips and leaves a smooth and clear surface to prevent wiper streaks. Each 10ml bottle will do over 100 repairs! 


    Elite UV LED Curing Light – Ultraviolet Lamp

    Because you demand it we are providing you with a UV Light that can be plugged into a cigarette lighter or a wall outlet. Cords are included.With 7 high-power UV LED diodes, the power output is over 40,000 µW/cm² 365 nm with our meter unable to measure any higher. What’s more is that the Elite UV LED Curing Light is also capable of accepting three power sources, including 12V, 120V, and 240V, making it perfect for mobile or shop users regardless of location. *Durable, lightweight, and long-lasting *Cooling fins to dissipate heat *Ultra-secure replaceable suction cups *Fuse-protected 12V plug *10′ cord *12 volt, 120 volt and 240 volt capable* *50% larger curing area than previous models of ultraviolet resin curing lights *On/Off switch


    Large Pit Adapter

    The large pit adapter is a great addition to your windshield repair kit. There are times when you need to repair a rock chip in a windshield and you find your injector is simply too small to cover it. In many cases this rock chip may not be considered repairable. With the large pit adapter you have an opportunity to repair rock chips in windshields that you were not able to fix before!Our large pit adapter will fit over a pit with a diameter up to 1/4th of an inch!It comes with a large fat white O-ring designed to give you the best possible seal!We are confident that you will be satisfied with the performance of our large pit adapter. 


    Battery for Large Yellow UV Light

    UV Light battery for our Large Yellow UV Light part number SLR-9005It is good to have a spare UV Light battery especially if you have had your UV Light for a while. We recommend replacing the battery after a about a year of use and sooner if youare doing everyday indoor windshield repairs.A spare battery is a great item to add to your windshield repair kit!Replacement battery7.2 Volts NiMH Re-chargeable 


    Injector Piston (ONLY)

    The piston for the American Windshield Repair Bridge.Unfortunately this is a piece techs sometimes misplace or it falls into the engine compartment.We have had these available for a long time but now you can buy it here online.It may not be a bad idea to have a spare just in case. 


    Cordless Rotary Tool Lithium-Ion powered glass drill motor

    Lithium-ion cordless rotary tool.This is similar to the Dremel Mini Mite but better. Comes with the needed 16th inch collet for dental burs. You can see your battery usage so you know when you need to re-charge which will not be often since it is lithium powered. This is the best windshield repair drill motor! So small and compact but like all our small tools it works positively perfect!8 volt Max 2000mHh Lithium-Ion built in batteryVariable speed 5000-25000 rpmDigital Speed ControlLED Charging indicator3-4 hour charging time


    Pit Polish 1 oz Bottle


    Crack Spreader

    Our crack spreader works great for those who do longer crack repair. Easy to install on the inner part of the windshield.


    30 Pack Dental Burs FG-701

    American Windshield Repair Systems Dental Burs FG-701 tapered. 16th inch shank. 30 count


    100ct. pkg. Curing Film Strips 1″x 10″

    Our windshield repair curing film is great for standard chips or long crack repair. These mylar strips do not get stuck to cured windshield repair resin or pit filler. Cut them to the size you prefer.


    Viewing Mirror With Attached Suction Cup

    The new Magnified American Windshield Viewing Mirror with Attached Suction Cup is great for anyone’s windshield crack repair process. The suction cup on this product will stick firmly to any type of glass or hard surface. The American Windshield’s Viewing Mirror can be used as an extra set of eyes during a windshield crack or rock chip repair.


    Aluminum Single Point Glass Probe

    American Windshield Repair SystemsSingle Point ProbeStar breaks fill much better if you apply pressure on each leg which is why this tool is so perfect for the job!Also, long cracks can be opened with this tool. 


    100ct. Single Edge Blades


    100 Pack Dental Burs FG-701

    American Windshield Repair Systems Dental Burs FG-701 tapered. 16th inch shank. 100 pack


    15 Pack Dental Burs FG-701

    American Windshield Repair Systems Dental Burs FG-701 tapered. 16th inch shank. 15 count


    10 Pack Dental Burs FG-701

    American Windshield Repair Systems Dental Burs FG-701 tapered. 16th inch shank. 10 count


    5 Pack Dental Burs FG-701

    American Windshield Repair Systems Dental Burs FG-701 tapered. 16th inch shank. 5 pack


    20 Inner O-Rings & 10 External Seal Ends

    Seal set20 O Rings ten End Seals. Chemical resistant


    UV Protection Pad

    Cover your repair while you are working with our UV Pad. Keep the UV Rays away so that you can make sure you are satisfied with your windshield rock chip repair before the windshield repair resin cures.Durable thin plasticMade right here at our Arizona location (by hand)4 suction cups to attach to the windshieldFits most any auto glass windshield repair bridge 


    Ultra Violet Light 6″ Premium Built with Suction Cup

    Our Premium UV lamp is like no other. You will not be disappointed with our high-quality 6-inch UV Light. We guarantee it! This light has a smooth operating on and off switch. It requires 4 AA batteries which are very simple to load.365nm cures resin and pit filler at just the right speed. High-quality medical grade materialsRemovable lensHinged door for battery removal and replacement.(requires 4 AA Batteries)1-year limited warranty (if you drop it we may not replace it) otherwise you are covered.


    American Essentials Kit

    Windshield Repair Kit by American Windshield Repair Systems. You can do over 100 High-Quality windshield repairs of all types with this rock chip repair kit. A business can be started with this auto glass crack and chip repair system. We know it ranks as one of the best windshield repair kits on the market. You save by simply providing your own Dremel or Dremel-type drill motor. The collet needed is in this kit. The only other item needed is any case of your choosing. With 30 years in the auto glass windshield repair industry, we are able to assist you in starting your own windshield repair business or you can add it to an existing company. Insurance companies will pay you $50-$80 or more for a windshield repair that takes only minutes to do, and we can assist you in that area as well.Essentials Windshield Repair Kit Contents:1 X American Windshield Repair Bridge 2 X Repair Resin (15ml) 1 X Pit Filler Resin (10ml) 30 X O-Rings (replacement seals)15 X End Seals (replacement seals) 1 X UV Pen Light USB Rechargeable with magnetic cap1 X Pack of 100 Curing Film Strips (Cut them into squares, re-usable) 5 X Single Edge Razor Blades (Heavy Duty High-Quality Blades) 5 X Windshield Repair Drill Bits (Our special Durable Tungsten Bits) 1 X Collet for drill motor. 1/16th-inch collet works with almost any small high-speed rotary tool. 1 X Single Point Probe1 X Heating Element (Lighter)1 X Bag with drawstring (Used for containing bridge) 1 X Instructional Video DVD (Also available as a free download online after purchase) 1 X Instructional Manual and Business Guide. (Directions to download PDF File)


If you have any questions or prefer to pay by phone please call toll free from the U.S.A. or Canada at 1-888-860-1518. International other than Canada call 520-423-9083 or text us at 253-606-3183.