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American Pit Filler Repair Resin 10ml Bottle – Five Bottle Pack


Product Description

MULTI BOTTLE SPECIAL! Three Bottle Pack ($29.98), Five Bottle Pack ($44.97)!

When you’re looking to buy windshield repair kits, the number of options available to you can be a bit intimidating. You obviously want the best windshield repair kit that is from the most reliable windshield repair kit supplier, but narrowing down your choices might seem difficult.

Browsing the windshield glass repair kit collection available from American Windshield Repair Systems is the quickest way to find the windshield chip repair kit that meets all your needs. The kits we offer are comprehensive, easy to use, and stocked with the highest quality supplies on the market.

One of the windshield repair accessories that we offer (and many of our competitors don’t!) is pit filler. Pit filler is part of the best windshield repair kit because it is the finishing touch on a great windshield repair job. Without pit filler, you could get out-classed by your competitors, and that will translate to a loss of business.

By using pit filler, you ensure that your repair job has a hard, crystal clear finish and that you can pack up your windshield glass repair kit with the knowledge that you’ve performed a top-quality repair for your customer.

When it’s time to buy windshield repair kits for your burgeoning windshield repair business, choose American Windshield Repair Systems because they offer the supplies you need at the prices you’ll love. In fact, by buying this multi-pack of 5 10ml bottles of pit filler, you get the best deal around!

Stocking up on this crucial component to your windshield chip repair kit is the smart choice to set yourself up to do hundreds of flawless repairs!


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