American Windshield Repair Systems

Our Kits Are Created With You In Mind

American Windshield Repair Systems was established in 2002 and is a subsidiary of Apex Auto Glass Inc. based in Washington State. We also have a location in Maricopa Arizona.

Because we know auto glass repair is simple, American Windshield Repair Systems was created with the desire to provide the glass industry with a windshield repair kit that is easy to use. Our goal is to supply rock chip repair technicians with affordable systems containing only what is needed to do fast, high quality windshield rock chip repairs. We want to assist entrepreneurs in starting their own windshield repair business.

Our company engineers spent several years doing research and development carefully studying windshield auto glass repair until they decided on our kit/system contents and carefully designed the American Windshield Repair Bridge. Our staff has used just about every system made and on every kind of vehicle, therefore, our bridge design team decided on our sleek, small, one set screw design for easy mounting and versatility. We have repaired chips, long cracks, and small cracks virtually everywhere possible on a windshield with successful results every time!

Over the past ten years our company has grown considerably and we continually strive to improve our auto glass windshield repair kit contents while keeping the price affordable. To date we have sold thousands of systems all across the US, Canada, and internationally to countries as far away as South Africa. With the establishment of our new wholesale department we hope to see our systems grow in popularity and our company globally.