UV Lights for Windshield Repair

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Best Windshield Repair UV Lights

    Windshield Repair UV Light Ultraviolet Light Rechargeable UV Pen Light

    American Windshield Repair Systems UV Pen Light

    We call it the Amazing UV Pen Light and so do our customers!

    *Resin and pit filler cure very fast so that you have time to get onto the next repair! (under 15 seconds for most resins)
    *Most resins and pit fillers require a 365NM wavelength and that is what you have with our UV Pen light.
    *You can keep it in your pocket which makes it so convenient to use!
    *Rechargeable USB plug which allows for easy fast charging.
    *Hold the button down and watch how fast the resin cures!
    *Silver anodized sleek design

    Use for curing under pressure. Penetrates the glass tint even better than the sun!



    Elite UV LED Curing Light – Ultraviolet Lamp

    Because you demand it we are providing you with a UV Light that can be plugged into a cigarette lighter or a wall outlet. Cords are included.

    With 7 high-power UV LED diodes, the power output is over 40,000 µW/cm² 365 nm with our meter unable to measure any higher. What’s more is that the Elite UV LED Curing Light is also capable of accepting three power sources, including 12V, 120V, and 240V, making it perfect for mobile or shop users regardless of location.

    *Durable, lightweight, and long-lasting
    *Cooling fins to dissipate heat
    *Ultra-secure replaceable suction cups
    *Fuse-protected 12V plug
    *10′ cord
    *12 volt, 120 volt and 240 volt capable*
    *50% larger curing area than previous models of ultraviolet resin curing lights
    *On/Off switch


    Ultra Violet Light UV Flashlight LED With Mounting Bracket

    The American Windshield Repair Systems UV LED Flashlight is amazing. This UV light can cure resin or pit filler in under 1 minute! With it’s telescopic lens you can adjust the size of your beam! It is only 4 inches long however it packs an incredible punch! 365 Nano Meters of curing power.

    This light  requires only, 1 AA battery. Place a lithium AA Battery in this UV Ultra Violet LED Flashlight and you can do over 240 repairs!

    We have been searching for a durable small UV (Ultra Violet Light) for over 15 years. They are very hard to find at a reasonable price. We are confident that you will agree this is by far the best small UV Ultra Violet Light you can find on the market.

    Requires 1 AA Battery. (not included as we believe you should decide on which battery to use)

    We have tested the Energizer standard AA battery and found it to still cure resin after 1 hour of usage. That is good for at least 60 repairs.

    The Energizer Lithium AA battery is good for over 4 hours. That is at least 240 repairs. 

    Test it out.  If are not completely satisfied we will accept your return and refund your money in full. We will even pay for domestic shipping charges (or send you a shipping label) 


    UV LED Flashlight

    Mounting bracket



    UV LIGHT LED Large Premium Lithium Powered

    This is our highest quality ultra violet light. The Elite Plus, powered by a 12V lithium polymer battery, is a lightweight, compact resin curing lamp. With a full charge, the Elite Plus will cure over 50 repairs. Constructed of a sleek, aluminum body design with an anodized coating, The Elite Plus 365 nm UV-LED Light is more durable, longer-lasting, and 3 times faster than competitive models! This light is perfect for any technician but especially for those who live in a darker climate or do a lot of indoor work. This windshield repair Ultra Violet Light is amazing and we are confident that you will not be disappointed with it’s performance. We are sure you will agree that this is the best ultra violet light for windshield repair you can find anywhere.

    Runs and charges on 12 volt, (cigarette lighter cord included) 110 volt, or cordless. Cords not pictured are included.


    Portable Flash Type UV Light with LED at 365 Nano Meters

    LITHIUM POWERED Flashlight type UV Lamp with Mounting apparatus. Firm holding 2.75″ diameter suction cup with lever mounts securely to glass. Multi-point adjustable. Holds UV flashlight with LED lamp at proper distance and angle for optimal curing. Comes with two lithium re-chargeable batteries and charger so you are never without a charged battery!


    Ultra Violet Light 6″ Premium Built with Suction Cup

    Our Premium UV lamp is like no other. You will not be disappointed with our high-quality 6-inch UV Light. We guarantee it! This light has a smooth operating on and off switch. It requires 4 AA batteries which are very simple to load.
    365nm cures resin and pit filler at just the right speed.
    High-quality medical grade materials
    Removable lens
    Hinged door for battery removal and replacement.
    (requires 4 AA Batteries)
    1-year limited warranty (if you drop it we may not replace it) otherwise you are covered.


    Ultra Violet Light with Suction Cup 6″ Standard

    Our standard six inch UV Light is better than most you will find on the market. The switch works well and it comes loaded with 4 AA batteries.
    We recommend this light for a back up when you do not have enough sunlight to cure the resin.


Best UV Curing Light for Windshield Repair

Curing your windshield repair resin faster means finishing the job faster, and finishing the job faster means being able to complete more jobs in a day. We all know that servicing more customers equates to making more money, so there is a strong incentive to choose the absolute best UV light for windshield repair.

Windshield Repair UV Curing Light

A UV light for windshield repair is necessary to expedite the curing process. Once you have filled a crack or chip with windshield repair resin, the next step is using a windshield repair UV curing light to increase the speed and improve the quality of the curing process.

American Windshield Repair Systems offers the best UV light for windshield repair, no matter what job you’re working on!

We believe a windshield repair UV curing light should be portable so that you are uninhibited by cords and proximity to an outlet when performing a repair. Every UV light for windshield repair that we offer is either battery powered or rechargeable so that it’s optimal for mobile repair jobs.

A windshield repair UV curing light must shine on the cured area at the right distance and angle. All the lights in our selection can be affixed to the windshield using suction cups or other mounting devices to ensure that the UV light hits the target area just right.

If you’re looking for the best UV light for windshield repair, you’re in the right place. Every UV light for windshield repair that we offer checks all the boxes and facilitates the highest quality windshield repair job possible.

If you have any questions on American windshield repair UV lights or prefer to pay by phone please call toll free from the U.S.A. or Canada at 1-888-860-1518. International other than Canada call 520-423-9083 or text us at 253-606-3183.