UV Lights

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American Windshield UV Lights

    Portable Flash Type UV Light with LED at 365 Nano Meters

    Flashlight type UV Lamp with Mounting apparatus. Firm holding 2.75″ diameter suction cup with lever mounts securely to glass. Multi-point adjustable. Holds UV flashlight with LED lamp at proper distance and angle for optimal curing. Lithium powered and comes with an extra battery!


    Ultra Violet Light with Suction Cup 6″ Premium

    This light is like no other you have seen. You will not be disappointed with our new high quality 6 inch UV Light. We guarantee it! This light has a smooth operating on and off switch. It requires 4 AA batteries which are very simple to load.


    Ultra Violet Light with Suction Cup 6″ Standard

    Our standard six inch UV Light is better than most you will find on the market. The switch works well and it comes loaded with 4 AA batteries.
    We recommend this light for a back up when you do not have enough sunlight to cure the resin.


    Large Rechargable UV Light

    Our large UV Light comes with a NiMh (nickel metal hydride) re-chargeable battery pack. It can be used cordless, plugged into a cigarette lighter* or a 110 volt electric socket (wall plug-in). This is the most durable and fastest curing UV Light we offer. We recommend this light for those technicians that do a lot of indoor work.
    *If you choose to use this light by plugging it into a cigarette lighter, you may need a cigarette type extension cord to reach outside the vehicle.


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