American Pit Filler Repair Resin 10ml Bottle – Single Bottle


American Pit Filler Repair Resin is designed to be used as a finish filler for chip repairs. This quick curing resin works well for surface chips and leaves a smooth and clear surface to prevent wiper streaks. Each 1/4 ounce ( 10ml ) bottle will do over 100 repairs!

MULTI BOTTLE SPECIAL! Three Bottle Pack ($29.98), Five Bottle Pack ($44.97)!

Product Description

If you’re an experienced windshield repair technician, you know that a professional windscreen chip repair kit always includes windshield repair resin. In fact, a professional windshield chip repair kit that doesn’t include a high-quality resin isn’t very professional at all!

However, one of the components that is often missing from a windshield resin repair kit is pit filler. Not all retailers include pit filler in their kits or sell individual bottles on their websites, so you might be wondering what it is and why it’s important to have in your professional windscreen chip repair kit.

A windshield repair job isn’t necessarily finished after the resin has been applied. For some repairs, another step is needed to truly finish the job and attain the best outcome.

Pit filler isn’t offered by lesser windshield repair resins suppliers because they aren’t experienced windshield repair technicians like the owners of American Windshield Repair Systems. The American Windshield professional windshield chip repair kit website reflects the owners’ expertise because it offers pit filler.

Pit filler is a finish filler for chip repairs. It cures very quickly and leaves a smooth and hard surface that prevents wiper streaks. Since windshield wipers cover most of the surface area of a windshield, using pit filler is a critical component to your windshield resin repair kit.

Trust the windshield repair resins suppliers who really know the windshield repair industry and who can set you up with all you’ll need for a successful business venture. Buy your pit filler, along with all the other components of a windshield repair kit, from American Windshield Repair Systems.



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