Ultra Violet Light UV Flashlight LED With Mounting Bracket


The American Windshield Repair Systems UV Ultra Violet Light LED (flashlight) With mounting bracket.

Requires 1 AA battery.


Product Description

The American Windshield Repair Systems UV LED Flashlight is amazing. This UV light can cure resin or pit filler in under 1 minute! With it’s telescopic lens you can adjust the size of your beam! It is only 4 inches long however it packs an incredible punch! 365 Nano Meters of curing power.

This light  requires only, 1 AA battery. Place a lithium AA Battery in this UV Ultra Violet LED Flashlight and you can do over 240 repairs!

We have been searching for a durable small UV (Ultra Violet Light) for over 15 years. They are very hard to find at a reasonable price. We are confident that you will agree this is by far the best small UV Ultra Violet Light you can find on the market.

Requires 1 AA Battery. (not included as we believe you should decide on which battery to use)

We have tested the Energizer standard AA battery and found it to still cure resin after 1 hour of usage. That is good for at least 60 repairs.

The Energizer Lithium AA battery is good for over 4 hours. That is at least 240 repairs. 

Test it out.  If are not completely satisfied we will accept your return and refund your money in full. We will even pay for domestic shipping charges (or send you a shipping label) 


UV LED Flashlight

Mounting bracket


If you have any questions or prefer to pay by phone please call toll free from the U.S.A. or Canada at 1-888-860-1518. International other than Canada call 520-423-9083 or text us at 253-606-3183.