Windshield Repair UV Light Ultraviolet Light Rechargeable UV Pen Light


Here is our UV Pen Light. This UV Light will fit in your shirt pocket, is lithium-powered, and is charged with a USB plug.
Many of our customers are now using this as their primary resin-curing tool.
It will cure the pit in about 10 seconds and pierces the tint of a windshield better than the sun which makes it great for curing under pressure! Also, if you have a star break with a leg that reappears when you take off the pressure, point this at it and it will freeze it right where you want it!


Product Description

American Windshield Repair Systems UV Pen Light

We call it the Amazing UV Pen Light and so do our customers!

*Resin and pit filler cure very fast so that you have time to get onto the next repair! (under 15 seconds for most resins)
*Most resins and pit fillers require a 365NM wavelength and that is what you have with our UV Pen light.
*You can keep it in your pocket which makes it so convenient to use!
*Rechargeable USB plug which allows for easy fast charging.
*Hold the button down and watch how fast the resin cures!
*Silver anodized sleek design

Use for curing under pressure. Penetrates the glass tint even better than the sun!



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