Why Is It Important to Repair a Rock Chip in My Windshield?

By DARREN KUHN | Posted In: Windshield Repair Kit

The beauty of purchasing a rock chip windshield repair kit from American Windshield Repair Systems is that we give you the tools, information, and support you need to be your own boss. With us, owning your own business is easy! We know this is a dream for many people, but only a few have the ambition to make it a reality.

Your dream of owning your own business, making your own rules, setting your own hours, and answering to nobody but yourself can be a reality if you opt to buy a windshield rock chip repair kit from American Windshield Repair Systems. Buy Cracked Windshield Repair Kit


Own a Windshield Repair Business

If you are considering a career as a windshield repair technician (which we would highly recommend!), then you’ll need to brush up a bit on your salesmanship. Salesmanship, or being able to persuade a skeptical potential customer into making a purchase, is a crucial skill for anybody who owns their own business.

When you’re your own boss, it falls on you to be able to not only find potential customers, but convince them to put their windshield repair job in your hands.


Speak the Customer’s Language

If you want to become a more successful salesman, you’ll need to be able to gain your potential customers’ trust. A foolproof way to do this is by answering their questions before they even have a chance to ask them! This will give you an air of credibility, and your potential customers will feel more inclined to do business with you.

As a trained rock chip windshield repair technician, the question you’re going to hear most often is, “Why is it important to repair a rock chip in my windshield?”

Nobody is eager to spend their hard-earned cash on a windshield repair, so nailing your response to this question is a large part of gaining new customers. You’ve got to learn to speak the customer’s language, and talk to them in a way they can relate to.


Rehearse Your Answer

Knowing that you’re going to hear this question a lot, and that a potential customer’s decision to do business with you could be hinging on your response, you should rehearse your response a few times until it’s just right.

The key point that you’ll want to drive home with potential customers is that even tiny windshield rock chips or windshield cracks can grow when you least expect it!

What started as a tiny chip or crack could become a lengthy crack when you drive over a pothole, accidentally jump the curb, or drive over uneven surfaces like cobblestones or gravel.

Replacing a windshield is much more expensive than having it repaired, and if a crack or chip grows too large, replacement will be the only option.

If a crack or chip is still small enough, American Windshield Repair Systems’ windshield crack repair resin will be sufficient to keep the damage from spreading.

It is important that you instill a sense of urgency in your customers. They need to understand the real and ever-present possibility that their whole windshield could suffer unless they repair the initial damage right away.

This tactic will help you negotiate sales and aid your new career as a windshield rock chip repair technician in taking off! Purchase a windshield repair kit and take the wheel of your own career!