When You Need to Purchase a Crack Spreader

By DARREN KUHN | Posted In: Windshield Repair Kit

When it comes to executing a perfect windshield crack repair job, there is one windshield repair accessory that you can’t live without. This accessory is called a “crack spreader.”

This tool’s name might lead you to scratch your head when you first hear it, because the thought of spreading a windshield crack to make it bigger than it was before seems totally counterproductive, right?

Why would any windshield repair technician need a tool that makes a windshield crack bigger?

Well, despite the fact that a crack spreader might not sound like a necessary tool, an expert windshield repair technician knows otherwise.


Why Use a Crack Spreader? 

When you are faced with a repair job that involves a pretty long crack (say, 6 inches), it can be difficult to evenly and thoroughly inject windshield crack repair resin into the entire crack.

Since evenly and thoroughly injecting windshield crack repair resin is the key to a perfect repair job, this poses quite a problem for a windshield repair technician!

This dilemma led to the creation of the crack spreader.

So, how does the crack spreader enable a windshield repair technician to perfectly repair a long windshield crack?

By affixing the crack spreader to the inside of the windshield and using it to apply pressure to the windshield that gently spreads the windshield crack a little further open, the crack spreader makes it easier to inject windshield repair resin along the full length of the crack.

It is essential that windshield repair resin be injected evenly and thoroughly into a windshield chip or crack in order to produce a clean repair.

If windshield repair resin is injected unevenly or the chip or crack isn’t completely filled with resin, the repair will be flawed and you’ll have an unhappy customer to deal with.

Without the use of a crack spreader, the area of the windshield where you attempted to repair the chip or crack might be cloudy, distorted, or have visible air bubbles hardened in the resin. No thank you!


Where to Purchase a Crack Spreader 

If you’re ready to take your windshield repair game to the next level, then you need to equip yourself with a high-quality crack spreader to help you repair longer cracks.

You have a choice when it comes to crack spreader, but only one choice is the right choice.

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