How to Use a Windshield Repair Bridge

By DARREN KUHN | Posted In: Windshield Repair Kit

What is a Windshield Repair Bridge?

Windshield repair bridges are essential for fixing cracks and chips in auto glass. Without the proper tools, your repair could fail and the damage to your windshield could get worse. When attempting to fix a windshield, many people wonder what is the proper way to use a windshield repair bridge.

What Does a Windshield Repair Bridge Do?

These devices suction to auto glass and aid in the repair of windshields by forcing resin into the crack or chip. The tool secures to the windshield and provides steady and constant pressure so the resin is able to fill every bit of the crack or chip. By using a windshield repair bridge, you’re ensuring the resin fills the crack completely for an effective fix. When you use the proper tools, you’ll prevent any crack or chip from spreading in size and causing further damage to your auto glass.

Where Can You Get a Windshield Repair Bridge?

A lot of DIY windshield repair kits come with windshield repair bridges. However, a lot of these devices are not well-made and can sometimes be defective. When you’re attempting an auto glass repair at home, it’s best to invest the extra money into a windshield repair bridge that is designed to provide adequate pressure to effectively fill and seal any cracks or chips. You can find windshield repair bridges at auto stores or online.

How to Use a Windshield Repair Bridge the Right Way

  • When using a windshield repair bridge, you must first make sure the area of glass you’re working with is clean and free of debris.
  • After you’ve removed excess glass and ensured the area is ready for resin, you must first attach the suctioned end of the device to your windshield, making sure that the bridge is held over the area of the crack or chip you’re trying to fill.
  • Then, secure the device to the glass and lower the bridge to the crack while leveling the device. After you’re secure and level, inject and plunge the resin into the glass.
  • Depending on what type of bridge you’re using, you may have to apply pressure and/or vacuum for a period of time before the repair is complete.

What Happens if You Use a Windshield Repair Bridge Incorrectly

If you fail to use a windshield repair bridge in compliance with the instructions provided, you could cause further damage to the crack or chip or worse, damage your windshield entirely. Without proper leveling, sealing, or pressure, you could run into serious problems with your repair. Windshield repair bridges can be very effective if used the right way, so if you’re looking for a tool that will aid in windshield repair, make sure you’re following the directions carefully to avoid additional problems.

American Windshield Repair Bridges

Our windshield repair bridges are designed to be fully functional and simple to use. Our devices are also designed to be used on virtually any windshield and are built to last a lifetime. With the maximum pressure applied when using our windshield repair bridges, you can ensure you’ll be able to fully fill the crack or chip in your auto glass.