Windshield Replacement Business Start Up

Windshield Repair Business Startup

Start Your Own Windshield Repair Business Start Up

If you are aiming to take on an entrepreneurial endeavor, you may be weighing the pros and cons of a windshield repair business startup versus a windshield replacement business start up. Everyone knows that building a business from scratch can be risky, but the reward is worth it if your business gets off the ground and starts generating a profit. In order for your business to get off the ground and start generating a profit, you need to be sure that there is ample demand for the service or product you’ll provide, and ideally, that overhead costs are low.


Windshield Repair Business or Windshield Replacement Business Start up?

If you’re reading this page, it’s likely because you’re considering a windshield repair business startup or a windshield replacement business start up. This is a good starting point, but how do you decide which service will be your specialty? The types of equipment required, cost of equipment required, inherent risks involved, and potential for making an expensive mistake vary for each type of service. It might seem like there would be little difference between a windshield replacement business and a windshield repair business, but that’s not the case. Replacing a windshield is a completely different task from repairing a windshield. Very few of the skills required to competently perform each job overlap. Sure, both require attention to detail, dexterity, and caution, but that’s about all they have in common. How to Start a Windshield Repair Business


Risks of A Windshield Replacement Business Start Up

A windshield replacement business involves more risk than a windshield repair business startup. Why is this? The windshield accounts for much of a vehicle’s structural integrity. In other words, the windshield shields a driver from more than just wind! In the event of a front-end collision, the windshield provides about 45% of the vehicle’s structural integrity, and in the event of a rollover, the windshield provides about 60% of the vehicle’s structural integrity! Those percentages are not to be taken lightly. Imagine a scenario in which you’ve recently replaced a windshield, and the vehicle is involved in an accident soon after. In the accident, the windshield shattered and the driver was badly injured by the broken glass. Suspicions are raised over whether you installed the windshield correctly, and whether your windshield replacement could be partially to blame for the driver’s mortal injuries. In a windshield replacement business start up, there’s more liability than in a windshield repair business startup. Conversely, if you had recently repaired the windshield of the vehicle in the scenario described above, it would likely be ruled that the vehicle owner should have opted for a full windshield replacement rather than a mere repair, and that it was their own lack of foresight that resulted in the destruction of their windshield and subsequent injury.


Windshield Repair Business Startup

If you’re looking for more information on the process of starting a windshield repair business, American Windshield Repair Systems can help! We offer professional windshield repair kit, stellar customer service, and informative educational materials to all our customers. Windshield Repair Business Opportunity Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re ready for your windshield repair business startup to take off!