Professional Windscreen Repair Mini Kit
Professional Windscreen Repair Mini Kit

American Mini Kit


This American windscreen repair mini kit comes with everything you need for high quality windscreen repairs on-site or in-shop. Now comes with a nylon case for all your tools.

Product Description

Windscreen Repair Kit Features
Designed for any technician. Do up to 50 repairs before needing more supplies. This windscreen repair kit comes with everything you will need to do quality windscreen repairs on-site or in-shop. You provide your own case and save!

Windscreen Repair Kit Includes:

1 Repair Bridge

10 Inner O-Rings

5 External End Seals

1 Repair Resin (15ml)

1 Pit Filler Resin (10ml)

100 Count Curing Film Strips (approximately)

1 Six inch UV Light with suction cup

5 Razor Blades

1 Variable High Speed Rotary Tool with Charger 9.6 volt

5 Drill Bits (#701)

1 Single Point Probe

1 Heating Element (Lighter)

1 Nylon Case

1 Repair Video (DVD)

1 Free Manual Download PDF file found on site map at home page

Windscreen Glass Repair Kit

If you are familiar with the components of a truly professional windscreen repair kit, then you know the American Mini Kit contains everything a windscreen glass repair kit or windscreen chip repair kit must contain in order to qualify as a top-quality kit.

A windscreen glass repair kit simply must include a repair bridge, because this is the device that is used to inject repair resin into the glass. Naturally, you need repair resin to use with the repair bridge, and the American Mini Kit comes with that too!

Some kits might stop at repair resin, but this professional windscreen repair kit also includes pit filler, which is the finishing touch for a superbly executed repair. The pit filler seals the repair with a hard finish that improves the durability of your work.

This windscreen chip repair kit contains a UV light with a suction cup for mounting, which means you can simultaneously cure a repair job while doing something else! No need to hold the light in place yourself when the suction cup can do it for you. This allows you to multitask and get more done in a shorter period of time.

Buy Professional Windscreen Repair Kit Online at American Windshield Repair Systems

The American Mini Kit is the professional windscreen repair kit that can serve as both a windscreen chip repair kit and windshield crack repair kit, depending on your needs. It is versatile and comprehensive, so you’ll always have the proper tools at hand.

This windscreen glass repair kit does not come with a case which does save you money however it does have a handbag (fanny pack). It also provides most everything you need to start or add to your windshield repair business!


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