American Windshield Repair Bridge


Windshield Repair Bridge by American: Small and compact. This makes American Windshield Repair bridges fast and easy to use.
Long-lasting: Made with aluminum, stainless steel, and chemical-resistant rubber.
DESIGNED TO MOUNT FIRMLY TO ANY WINDSHIELD: With our bridge, you can do high-quality rock chip repairs of all types.
Our bridges have been machined for over 16 years. Do not be fooled by copies.

Including a bottle of repair resin (15ml) and Pit filler (10ml) plus a Seal set with 20 O-rings and 10 End Seals.

Product Description

American Windshield Systems Windshield Repair Bridge

The American Windshield Repair Bridge is the best way to fix all types of windshield rock chips

*We have been manufacturing our injectors and plates for over 16 years to perfection.
*Also, with our one rear set screw design, it is so easy to mount our bridge on any windshield.
*So now with our 1  rear set screw design you have direct opposing resistance when pushing resin into a rock chip.
*Another feature is our pistons have 2 O-rings giving you maximum pressure and vacuum.
*Because you do not have time to waste our bridge is small, compact, and easy to mount.
*Simply press the lever down and it adheres firmly to the glass.
*Fix all types of rock and stone chips including bull’s eyes, star breaks, small cracks, and even up to 6 inches or more.

And now at this low price, we are including 1 bottle of repair resin, 1 bottle of pit filler (sealer), and a seal set!


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