For drilling into laminated glass
For drilling into laminated glass

Windshield Repair Drill High Speed Rotary Tool


American Windshield Repair Systems mini drill high-speed rotary tool

  • Now you can drill holes in auto glass with ease because this drill is only 7 inches long and weighs only 3 ounces!
  • Additionally, you can adjust your speeds. Start on the slowest speed and raise it as you go. (no higher than speed 2 is recommended for glass)
  • Charge it for 3-4 hours and do over 15 windshield rock chip repairs before needing a re-charge. (USB Cord included)
  • Another feature is the RPM range: 5000-15000.
  • We have also included a 16th-inch collet pre-installed, so it fits almost any dental drill bit.

(Not recommended for motorhome glass because of the thickness. Contact us if you need a drill for this application)


Product Description

Windshield Repair Drill Motor by American Windshield Repair Systems

This windshield repair drill motor will run at a very slow speed which will allow your drill bits to last much longer.

Drilling a hole in a windshield can be a bit intimidating. Having a smaller drill motor takes the fear away and helps you get the job done.

You can drill holes in all types of rock chips, star breaks, and both small, and long cracks.

Below are more of the benefits of our new windshield repair drill motor:

1. Re-chargeable and long-lasting lithium power (USB cord is included. You provide the plug)

2. Three speeds with an RMP range of 5000-15000

3. 1/16th inch collet pre-installed that fits nearly every dental bur used for windshield repair.

4. So small you can keep it in your pocket

You can add this to the purchase of any complete kit by requesting it in the notes when you check out. Just mention that you wish to replace the 9.6-volt drill with the smaller lithium drill. 




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