Professional Views on How to Use Windshield Repair Kit

By DARREN KUHN | Posted In: Windshield Repair Kit

If you have a chip or crack in your windshield and are considering using an automotive glass repair kit to fix it, it’s best to first get a professional’s opinion on these DIY methods and their effectiveness. While DIY methods are hardly substitute to an auto glass specialist, they sometimes can give you temporary relief from cracks that are distracting and annoying. To save you time and effort while you shop, here are our professional views on how to use windshield repair kit.

Pay Attention to Specifications When Buying

Like there are many types of cracks and chips that can affect your windshield, there are also many professional windshield crack repair kits to fix the issue. When looking for the right solution, make sure you pay close attention to the type of crack the kit fixes, what tools are included, what type of resin you’ll be using, and if there are any particular environmental conditions you should consider.

Only Use Professional, Name Brand Kits

When it comes to automotive glass repair kits, cheaper isn’t always better. Only use a windshield repair kit that is distributed by a reputable brand and sold by an auto repair shop. Budget windshield repair kits don’t use high-quality resin and often don’t include all of the tools necessary to fix your auto glass. Choosing a cheap kit could result in additional damage to your windshield.

Steps for Using Windshield Repair Kits

Follow all of the steps when using your automotive glass repair kit. Skipping steps or not following them in order can cause the repair to fail or, worse, create extensive damage to your windshield.

  • Step 1 – Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly before beginning the repair. While the general idea behind repair is the same, different kits require different steps.
  • Step 2 – Check to see if the professional windshield crack repair kit includes all of the tools you need. Most kits include tools to remove broken glass, resin, a tool to inject resin into the crack, and a tool for curing. If you’re unsure about what should be included in the kit, there should be a guide in the instructions.
  • Step 3 – Start the repair by using the tool provided or a razor to scrape glass and debris from the crack.
  • Step 4 – Fill the crack with resin, making sure that no air bubbles get into the crack.
  • Step 5 – After there is enough resin the fill the crack, place a curing strip on top and leave the windshield to dry.
  • Step 6 – Once the resin has dried, use the razor again to scrape the excess off of the windshield.

Important Points to Remember

It’s important that you never try to use windshield repair kits in rainy or high-moisture conditions or the resin won’t set properly and could cause issues in the process. It’s best to use automotive glass repair kits in dry, warm, and sunny weather to allow the resin to dry completely. Also, if you repair your windshield in a garage and it starts to rain, wait a couple hours before driving and exposing the auto glass to wetness.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, the professional view on how to use windshield repair kits is to avoid them. No amount of research or money spent at the auto parts store can stand in for a trained professional. If you’re looking for a cheap way to keep your windshield crack or chip from spreading, automotive glass repair kits may prevent further damage. However, it’s important to make sure you visit a repair shop to get damage fixed as soon as possible.