What is the Cost to Start a Windshield Repair Business?

By DARREN KUHN | Posted In: Windshield Repair Business

How to Start an Auto Glass Repair Business

So you want to start an auto glass repair business? We don’t blame you! With millions of vehicles on the road every day, windshield repair is a very lucrative business! It is probably the least expensive business you could start and the payoff can be huge. Here are some points to consider when getting your auto glass repair business off the ground and ways to keep your upfront cost low while setting you up for a high return on investment.

Conduct Some Research

The first thing to consider when wondering how to start an auto glass repair business is the competition. In your area, will you be competing with a large company or do most drivers have to go out of town to get their windshields repaired?

If you do have local competition from other startups similar to yours, pay attention to their services and advertising to decide what will work best for your company when you start an auto glass repair business.

Develop a Business Plan

This is where you’ll come up with most of the initial cost for your auto glass repair business. Your business plan will outline several points important to the start of your company. These include:

  • Overall vision
  • Location/locations
  • Company name/tagline
  • Pricing
  • Plan for promotion
  • Goals

The business plan will help you stay organized and on task as you start an auto glass repair business. This step takes some brainstorming and planning but don’t let it get you discouraged because every great company started off with a business plan.

There are many customer relationship resources out there for people like you looking to start an auto glass repair business. When starting, it’s important to have a system that manages your finances and a system to keep your customer base organized. Not having either of these can be costly when it comes tax time and time to collect payment or pay your workers.

Decide on a windshield repair kit

Your windshield repair kit is the central item in your business. It is how you make your income and what you use to do quality work for your customers. A good quality windshield repair kit is very important but do not forget that windshield repair is not as technical as one may think it is. You are injecting resin into a damaged area of a windshield. Nothing more. How you do that is what is most important. 

Start Marketing

Start with business cards and word of mouth. Friends and family are a great first start in doing your first windshield repairs and with insurance companies paying for the repairs you will most likely not have to charge them anything! And of course make sure to pass out plenty of business cards whenever possible.

While you can spend a ton of money on fancy marketing tactics, a website and social media pages are another idea. Makes sure these are easy for people who are looking for your services to find or you could get lost among the rest when it comes to advertising.

You can also market by printing fliers to distribute in the community. Offering discounts and perks to the first customers who use your services is a good way to get people in the door. Ensure they have a great experience to bring their friends and families to your auto glass repair business as well!

The Bottom Line

The benefits of owning your own auto glass repair business will be the most rewarding experience you have ever had. If you make this step you will almost for sure wonder why you waited so long!

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