What to Consider When Buying Auto Glass Repair Kits and Accessories

By DARREN KUHN | Posted In: Windshield Repair Kit

With the rising cost and time associated with visiting an auto glass repair shop, many car owners are looking to home glass repair kits and accessories as a cost-effective and time-saving solution. Because there are so many kits on the market, we’ve compiled a list of what to consider when buying auto glass repair kits and accessories.

Before You Buy

When buying auto glass repair kits and accessories, there are several points to consider so you can make the purchase that will fix your crack or chip most effectively. Don’t settle for the cheapest, most minimalistic kit on the market, because you could end up paying more money in the long run if you cause additional damage to your auto glass.

Think About the Type of Repair You Need

The windshield repair accessories you should buy depends on the type of crack or chip you’re trying to repair. In addition to a visible crack or scratch, your chip may take the form of a flower, star, or bull’s eye. Pay attention to what the damage looks like when shopping for auto glass repair kits and accessories. It might even help to take a picture because some kits provide visuals of the types of damage they cover on the packaging.

Consider if a DIY Method is Best

While home auto glass repair kits and accessories won’t burn too much of a hole in your pocket, you first need to think about if purchasing one would even be worth it. Most kits only repair damage up to six inches and won’t suffice if your crack or chip is so extensive you need a full windshield replacement. If you’re unsure if windshield repair accessories will even fix the damage at all, it’s best to take it to an auto repair shop to be safe.

Pay Attention to Resin Quality

Most resin in windshield repair accessories is designed to dry quickly in warm, dry conditions and blend in naturally with the rest of the glass in your windshield. Pay attention to the color of the resin and how well it dries on a scrap piece of glass to ensure its quality. If it doesn’t dry transparent or is slow to set in the right weather conditions, consider purchasing a different kit.

The More Windshield Repair Accessories the Better

When you’re shopping around for glass repair kits and accessories, you may notice a couple of items consistent in every package. These accessories are essential for repairing cracks or chips in your windshield the right way to prevent further damage. Most kits include:

  • Glass resin
  • Injector
  • Bridge
  • Razor
  • Instructions

When you buy glass repair kits and accessories, make sure that all parts of the kit are present and there is an instruction manual available. Skipping over any part in the repair process or not following the instructions could result in additional damage to your windshield.

After Purchase

Once you’ve purchased the glass repair kits and accessories you think will fix your windshield the best, test it on scrap glass just to be sure of its quality. You wouldn’t want to realize you’ve bought a subpar kit after applying it to you windshield and realizing the resin won’t blend in with the glass!

Benefits of At-Home Glass Repair Kits and Accessories

DIY windshield repair accessories are desirable because you can fix the problem on your own time, often without the high cost most windshield repair companies charge to do the same thing. Remember though, with every home method comes its risks, and fixing a cracked windshield at home is no alternative for a shop visit for serious cracks and chips.