Are All Repair Resins the Same?

By DARREN KUHN | Posted In: Windshield Repair Kit

When you are stocking up on essential windshield repair supplies, such as a windshield repair bridge, crack spreader, or resin for windshield repair, you have a number of options before you. There are many manufacturers that produce windshield repair supplies, and deciding which manufacturer to trust can be tricky.

Narrowing down your choices when it comes to windshield repair resins suppliers may be overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be.

At American Windshield Repair Systems, we know that we’re the best choice of windshield repair resins suppliers for 3 reasons: quality, affordability, and availability.


Wide Selection of Resin for Windshield Repair 

No matter what volume of resin you’re shopping for, you’re guaranteed to find it for sale on the American Windshield Repair Systems website. 

We offer amounts as little as a single 15ml bottle (which is good for over 50 repairs!) up to a 1-liter bottle, which is equivalent to 66 of the 15ml bottles. Just think how many repairs you’d be able to complete with a 1-liter bottle of resin for windshield repair!

Let’s do the math… if a 15ml bottle can do over 50 repairs, and a 1-liter bottle is the equivalent of 66 15ml bottles, we’re looking at 50 times 66, which is 3,300!

No matter how booming your windshield repair business may be, it will take you some time to complete 3,300 repairs. That 1-liter bottle of windshield repair resin could last you for a very long time, which means you’re getting great value for your money.


Best Quality Resin for Windshield Repair 

Our resin can handle any type of windshield damage: long cracks, star breaks, bullseyes, combination breaks, and small cracks.

Our resin will produce a nearly flawless repair on any type of windshield damage with no streaking, cloudiness, haziness, mistiness, or air pockets.

When injected correctly, our resin performs unparalleled repairs.

Shop around and see how much we offer! You’ll be a loyal American Windshield Repair Systems customer before you know it!

Remember: we offer the best quality, affordability, and availability in the business. What more could you ask for?